SH 26 Reconstruction
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SH26 Project FAQs

What is the State Highway 26 Project?
The Texas Department of Transportation will reconstruct SH26 from John McCain Road to Brown Trail to a six-lane roadway with a raised curb median.

How long will it take?
TxDOT estimates construction to take 2.2 years with completion estimated for 2019.

What’s being done to encourage the project to be done in time?
The TxDOT contract includes opportunities for incentives and penalties across four milestones spread throughout the project’s timeline.

Will there be lane closures?
Yes, however lane closures will be managed by the contractor and TxDOT to lessen the impact on traffic during peak travel hours.

Can I access businesses along the roadway during construction?
Yes, city staff members are working with local businesses, the contractor, and TxDOT to make sure businesses are accessible and to find ways to let potential customers know how to access businesses.

Who is the contractor?
The Texas Transportation Commission awarded the contract to Jagoe-Public Company. This is a different contractor from the company that worked on SH26 Phase I from the city’s border to John McCain Road.

Why are medians being installed?

TxDOT requires medians to be included in all projects of this nature as they provide a safer roadway facility. 

Studies have shown that crash rates are reduced by approximately 40% after the raised medians are constructed. In addition, studies conducted in Texas and throughout the nation indicate that raised medians resulted in little or no change in pass-by traffic after median installation according to a Texas Transportation Institute study.

With raised curb medians, drivers will still be able to make U-turns to get to businesses on the opposite side of where they are driving. Making U-turns are safer than other movements because median openings will allow motorists to predict when and where oncoming traffic will turn, and so it will make it easier for oncoming motorists to anticipate traffic movements and avoid collisions.  

Are the overhead power lines going to be buried?

The overhead power lines will not be buried as part of this project.

In 2005 the City held a bond election in which the citizens voted on a proposition to bury the overhead power lines along State Highway 26. The $13.7 million dollar proposition did not pass. 

Why have the "left on flashing yellow arrow" signals gone away?

Throughout the project, to accommodate construction, protected left turns (left on green arrow only) will be implemented and signed at some intersections between Brown Trail and Tinker Road. The use of the protected left turns will provide increased safety within the construction limits by making traffic movements more predictable. Furthermore, temporary traffic signals will be equipped with radar detection to provide more reliable vehicle detection at intersections, even in adverse weather and low light conditions.  The same radar detection technology will be used in the permanent signals along with the reinstallation of permitted left turns (left on flashing yellow arrow allowed) at most locations when the project is complete.

How can I stay up-to-date?
Those interested can sign up for email and/or text updates.

I have a question not answered here.
Contact public information specialist Dustin Dangli at or at 817.503.1113.

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