Solicitation Permits

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not accepting new solicitation permit applications at this time. 

The Colleyville City Council adopted a strict solicitation ordinance aimed at keeping citizens safe while maintaining their privacy and creating an outlet for complaints.

Colleyville is one of the safest cities in Tarrant County in part because city officials partner with the community to look for ways to combat crime. The 2010 Citizen Survey indicated that solicitation was the number one safety concern in Colleyville neighborhoods. The solicitation ordinance responds to our community's concern by enhancing their safety, helping maintain their privacy, and more thoroughly regulating solicitation activity in Colleyville.

Their ordinance includes heightened permit requirements, which require more information from those who apply. Applicants are required to consent to a criminal background check, and permits are denied to those with a conviction or plea of no contest to any felony and some applicable misdemeanors.

Register for the No Knock List or the Solicitor Welcome list and/or view the lists of registered addresses

Guidelines for Citizens and Applicants
Commercial and Home Solicitation & Distribution Permit Application
Itinerant Vendor Permit Application
Solicitation Ordinance
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Who is exempt from the ordinances permitting requirements?

  • Charitable Organizations 
  • Religious Organizations
  • Political Campaigns

Citizen's Rights

  • Residents have the right to ask a solicitor for their identification badge.
  • An owner or lawful occupant may register their property for the "no knock" list. The list - addresses only - is accessible from the city website.
  • Residents may post a "No Solicitation" sign that is visible at the residence to prohibit door-to-door solicitation.
  • Residents may call the police if the solicitor either fails to show the proper identification badge; if the solicitor does not have a city of Colleyville-issued solicitation permit; or, if the solicitor is not operating within allowed solicitation hours.

Useful Information

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