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Colleyville Nature Center ponds named

Tuesday, September 12 2017 4:38 PM

It is now easier than ever to find your friends at Colleyville Nature Center now that the nine ponds have names.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board generated names for the Nature Center’s nine ponds with help from the residents that visit it frequently. The Friends of the Colleyville Nature Center came up with the names based on the natural surroundings and essence of each pond.

The names are Long Pond, Duck Haven Pond, Anglers Pond, Pecan Pond, Peaceful Pond, Mill Pond, Herman’s Pond, Hidden Pond, and Dry Pond.

Having these names will help people identify specific areas of the park. This may benefit people who need public safety assistance and can tell police officers or firefighters exactly where they are.

Nature Center Pond Map

The Ponds

Long Pond is the longest pond in the park and is popular for catching largemouth bass. In the winter, double-crested cormorants perch in the trees. In the summer, yellow-crowned night herons circle the pond searching for crawfish. Great blue herons and great egrets are seen here year-round.

Duck Haven Pond is the evening gathering place for many of the ducks and geese that call the Colleyville Nature Center home. Commonly found here are mallards, American wigeons, woodpeckers, and Mississippi kites. A belted kingfisher pair live on the west side.

Anglers Pond was the site of the 2016 Junior Fishing Rodeo and is stocked annually for the City of Colleyville’s Texas Junior Anglers event in spring. A nesting pair of Red-shouldered hawks can be found here.

Pecan Pond was after the pecan trees that surround it. Turtles sun on the banks of Pecan Pond and last year a green heron nest was spotted on the south side.
Peaceful Pond is in a secluded location and peaceful setting where a small waterfall forms after a good rain. This pond has a reflection bench and offers a quiet place to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

Mill Pond is located near the playground and parking lot on Mill Wood Drive. This is one of the most visited ponds and was named for its location adjacent to the Mill Creek neighborhood. Beautiful sunrise landscapes have been captured here.

Herman’s Pond was named for the Nature Center’s benefactor, Herman Smith. Mill Pond overflows into Herman’s Pond. A black-chinned hummingbird was seen here during the summer of 2016.

Hidden Pond is hidden behind a stand of trees and many skittish varieties of birds will visit this pond including the beautiful wood ducks. A bobcat family has been seen here too.

Dry Pond is the smallest pond in the park. It is named appropriately because during times of low rainfall this pond is dry. Many dragonflies have been found on this pond.

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