The Public Works Department is responsible for both constructing and maintaining public streets in Colleyville. The exception is when a new development is being constructed, the developer is responsible for constructing the streets and other public infrastructure, and the department inspects the construction to ensure compliance with plans and standards. Pavement markings are also the responsibility of the Public Works Department.

The street maintenance crew in the Public Works Department takes care of ongoing maintenance such as pothole repair, temporary patches, and preventative measures such as crack sealing. They also sand major intersections when icy conditions are present.

To report a pothole, please contact the Service Center at 817.503.1360 or online at Call on Colleyville. For after-hour emergencies, dial 817.743.4522 and the request will be forwarded to our standby personnel.

Additionally, street sweeping is conducted on each curbed street on a monthly basis.