The Engineering Division of Public Works provides guidance and direction of all planning, design, and construction of capital and development projects in the City of Colleyville. We strive to create an environment that encourages development and protects community interests.

Below is a brief summary of the primary functions of Engineering Division.

Development Review: Review development plans to ensure that water, wastewater, street and drainage improvements meet Colleyville Development Standards.

Capital Improvements: Design and manage capital improvement projects such as water and wastewater repair and rehabilitation, pavement reconstruction and drainage improvements.

Construction Inspection: Inspect the construction of public infrastructure to ensure it meets all necessary specifications.

Floodplain Administration: Oversee and regulate development within Colleyville’s floodplains and floodwaters.

Infrastructure Master Plans: Assist in developing infrastructure master plans for Colleyville.

Plan Retention: Create, maintain and archive plans and maps of public infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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