Racial Profiling Policy

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Any person who believes they are a victim of racial profiling is urged to speak with an on-duty supervisor at 817.503.1200. We would prefer to speak with you in person but all complaints will be addressed regardless of the manner they are received. If the matter proves to be more serious in nature, Texas state law requires that the complaint be signed and in writing.  A brochure on how to file this complaint is available at the police department or at the link below.

To maintain a professional and impartial relationship with motorists stopped for traffic violations, the Colleyville Police Department has equipped every vehicle used for enforcement with an audio/video recording system. Officers are required to activate the cameras during all traffic and pedestrian stops and the recording is available for review by supervisors in the event of a complaint. An annual analysis of traffic stops that result in a citation or arrest is completed each year and submitted to the City Council by March 1.

Racial profiling policy and procedure information.