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Governed by Texas state statutes, Internal Affairs is authorized by the Office of the Chief of Police to thoroughly investigate allegations against members of the Colleyville Police Department. All complaints are investigated in a fair and unbiased manner with the truth being the sole objective.

If you have experienced racial profiling or been the recipient of any other employee misconduct by a member of the Colleyville Police Department, you may file a complaint.

Depending on the classification of the complaint, it may be investigated by the first-line supervisor or Internal Affairs sergeant. 

Complaint findings are based on impartial evidence gained and are properly adjudicated to assure the highest standards of conduct.

Disagreements over the validity of a traffic citation and differences of opinion between a citizen and an arresting officer regarding guilt or innocence will not be investigated. Such disagreements will be directed to the judicial system and the court that has jurisdiction in the matter. Complaints relative to differences of opinion regarding contributing factors listed on an accident report will not be investigated.

If you have had a negative experience with a member of the Colleyville Police Department and would like to file a formal complaint, please complete the Complaint Form. Submit the completed form to us by email, in person at the Justice Center, or mail it to the Justice Center.

Justice Center
Colleyville Police Department
5201 Riverwalk Dr.
Colleyville, Texas 76034
Phone: 817.503.1200 Fax: 817.503.1209


Police officers also take great pride in being recognized by members of the public when they have performed their duties in an exceptional manner. If you would like to compliment the professionalism of our officers or their dedication to serving our community, we would like to hear from you.

Let us know by filling out our Commendation form.