You've Been Charged

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You have been charged with an infraction of the law

  1. If you admit that you are guilty, a standard fine for the offense may be paid in person or mailed to:  Colleyville/Keller Municipal Court, 5201 Riverwalk Drive,, Colleyville, Texas  76034. Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check, money order, a Mastercard or Discover debit or credit card. 
    If you choose to mail payment of the fine, your copy of the citation should accompany payment. Submit the citation number, your date of birth, and your name with payment.
  2. If you believe that you are not guilty of the offense as charged, you must appear before the municipal judge. If you wish to be heard by the judge, it is necessary that you request a court date in person, or in writing, from the municipal court clerk. You must be placed on the court docket in advance.
  3. You can either pay the fine, request a driver's safety class, or request a court date on or before the due date as shown on your citation. Failure to do so or failure to appear once a court date is set, can result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and an additional fine being levied for failure to appear.
  4. Persons 16 years of age or younger must appear in person with a parent or legal guardian in open court. Contact the court clerk for more information.
  5. Juveniles and minors (under age 21) charged with an alcohol or tobacco offense must appear in open court. Juveniles and minors who received the citation before their eighteenth birthday must appear with a parent or legal guardian. 
  6. Continuances or extensions must be requested in person or in writing at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled court date. NOT Applicable to trial settings. 
  7. You may be eligible to take a driver's safety class for certain traffic charges that would require the citation to be dismissed. 

    Texas Law provides that a court shall defer proceedings and allow a person ninety (90) days to present a department-approved certificate of course completion. (a) You must have a valid Texas driver's license or permit; (b) You must have valid insurance with your name on the policy; (c) The Texas Department of Public Safety records must indicate that you have not taken a course which resulted in a citation being dismissed in the past one year; (d) You file an affidavit with the court stating that you are not in the process of taking a course nor have you completed a course that is not yet reflected on your driving record; and (e) The offense charged in the citation is an offense under Subtitle C of the Transportation Code, T.C. and is not for speeding 25 miles an hour or more over the posted speed limit at the place where the alleged offense occurred; that an accident did not occur at the time of the citation and that it was not in a construction zone with workers present. At the time of your request you are required to pay a fee, show proof of valid Texas Driver's License and financial responsibility.
  8. Regarding the offenses of expired driver's license; expired motor vehicle registration; failure to change address/name on driver's license; or failure to display driver's license. please contact the court no later than two days after receiving the citation for information regarding the dismissal eligibility requirements.