Traffic Violations

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The Colleyville/Keller Municipal Court requires that you wait two business days before you call for information about your fine as it usually takes two days for the court to receive and process a citation into the court's computer system.

The first step in resolving your traffic citation is to read the instructions on the citation.

The due date indicated on the citation is the date on which you must pay the citation, come in and request to complete a driver's safety course, request a court appearance, hire and attorney, or request time to pay the fine. This date is not a scheduled court hearing date to appear before the Prosecutor. If you fail to contact the court by this date, a Failure to Appear charge and a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

This information is provided to help you understand court proceedings and to inform you of your rights and duties as a defendant so that you can be assured a fair and impartial trial. Nothing contained on this website is intended as legal advice.