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Deferred Disposition Request Form allows you to ask for deferred disposition.
 City of Colleyville            City of Keller

Alcohol & Drug Education website allows you to search for an alcohol or a drug education class in your area.

Community Service Log Sheet is a form used to record your hours of community service worked.

Official Expunction Information is used to expunge certain citations from a juvenile's record.


Certified Driver's Record is used to obtain a certified driving record from the Department of Public Safety in Austin.  This is required if you are taking a driver's safety class.

Request for driving safety course - (Note:  The Certified Driver's Record listed above is required for a driver's safety class)

Defensive Driving Form and Record Request

Below are links to helpful forms and applications to better assist you:


Court Date Request:

Request Plea Court Date Setting

 Continuance of Plea Setting - Court Date :

Motion to Continue Plea Docket - 

 Pay Plan:

Request for Judge's Consideration


Defensive Driver's Safety Course:

Defensive Driving Form and Record Request

 Time Served - Conviction:

Motion for Time Served


Affidavit of Indigency Application



Request for Judge's Consideration

 Expunction rights and Application Form

Notice of Appeal information :

EPO Modification - Packet:


Set Aside Bond Forfeiture:

Bond Forfeiture set aside Hearing

Notice of-Right-of-Expunction

Appeal Procedure


Motion for New Trial Request:

Motion for New Trial Setting

 Open Records:    Expunction-application 
 Attorney Video Request:       
Attorney Request for Records