Summer S.I.G.N. Program

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The City of Colleyville has launched an economic development program aimed at helping local business and property owners enhance the economic vitality of the City of Colleyville by assisting businesses in refreshing their signage and encouraging visually appealing signs throughout the community. Under this program, businesses may be eligible for grant money to put towards the design, purchase, permitting, and installation of a commercial sign. Participating businesses and property owners can receive a grant for half (50%) of the total project cost, not to exceed $5,000. 




Program Information

The Summer S.I.G.N. Program is currently accepting applications. We highly recommend that you contact Assistant City Manager Adrienne Lothery at 817.503.1112 to discuss your proposed project.

S.I.G.N. Application



• Grants will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis dependent upon the availability of funds.

• No grant will be awarded for work that has already been initiated or completed. Building or business owners must apply for the grant before work has begun.

Applications must contain all requested information within the application as well as all requested attachments to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.



We are excited to offer this program and encourage you to contact us with any questions, or for any assistance on your project.