Tree Preservation

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Colleyville’s beautiful landscape is one of the City’s most unique and special attributes with trees being a big part of that. Trees can help us save energy by providing shade to our homes and trees make our neighborhoods more attractive. Trees also provide many environmental benefits like cleaning our air and providing a refuge for local flora and fauna. However, they can also cause safety concerns if they are not properly maintained.

Tree limbs hanging too low over streets and sidewalks, as well as trees and shrubs blocking visibility at street intersections, can pose a risk to drivers and pedestrians. Property owners are responsible for maintaining trees on adjacent right-of-way and easement areas within their property line. It is important to keep streets and sidewalks free of low hanging tree limbs and overgrown vegetation.


For a clear pathway, keep tree limbs and vegetation trimmed back from the edge of the sidewalk and at least 7 feet above the sidewalks.


Keep tree limbs and vegetation trimmed back from the edge of the street and at least 14 feet above the street. This allows for vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances, school buses, and garbage trucks to pass through safely.

Removal of City Street Trees

If a private property owner wishes to remove a tree in the public street right of way, then you must contact the City’s Urban Forester in Community Development to obtain a permit. 

For more information regarding Tree Preservation please contact our Urban Forester, Caleb Tandy at 817-503-1055 or