Land Development Code

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The City of Colleyville’s Land Development Code implements the goals, objectives, and policies of the comprehensive plan. The Land Development Code contains all development-related regulations including zoning requirements, subdivision regulations, design and development standards, and review procedures for the City.

The Land Development Code

Chapter 1 General Provisions (Updated 8.21.2018)
Chapter 2 Definitions (Updated 4.16.2019)
Chapter 3 Land Use (Updated 8.20.2019)
Chapter 3.1 Gas and Oil Well Drilling and Production
Chapter 4 Landscaping and Buffering (Updated 9.04.2018)
Chapter 5 Urban Forestry (Updated 1.22.2019)
Chapter 6 Building Design (Updated 9.4.2018)
Chapter 7 Sign Regulations (Updated 2.5.2019)
Chapter 8 Plat Review Procedures (Updated 9.04.2018)
Chapter 9 Subdivision Design & Public Facilities (Update 8.20.2019)
Chapter 10 Private Streets and Entrance Gates
Chapter 11 Park Land Dedication
Chapter 12 Erosion Control Regulations
Chapter 13 Impact Fees
Chapter 14 Engineering and Design Standards
Chapter 15 Public Works Construction Details