City Maps

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Zoning Map

All land within the City of Colleyville is divided into zoning districts. The City of Colleyville has 16 zoning districts which specify the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational, or commercial activities may take place. The districts include Residential, Non-Residential, and Planned Unit Development Districts.

Master Thoroughfare Plan

The Master Thoroughfare Plan identifies the major thoroughfare routes serving the community and the general location of all future major thoroughfares. The map is designed and intended to identify a street network system that provides an efficient, structured framework for the smooth flow of traffic to meet projected long-term growth within the City of Colleyville.  

Future Land Use Map

Colleyville’s visual guide to future planning. The Future Land Use Map provides a road map indicating future areas within the city that are comprised of similar or compatible land uses. This “preferred future” provides guidance to City staff, appointed and elected officials, land and business owners, the public, and private developers as to what types of development are desirable in different parts of the city.

Tax Increment Finance District (TIF)

Authorized under Chapter 311 of the Texas Tax Code, these special purpose districts are designated to reinvest the added tax revenue from new development back into the area where it originated for the purpose of redevelopment, infrastructure, and other related community-improvement projects.

Trail System Map

Represents a network of scenic and recreation trails that encourages efficient and pleasant movement of all modes in the city with a focus on improving strategic vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle connectivity at key locations. The City of Colleyville looks to expand its trails as these enhance the city’s aesthetics, increases property value, aids in tree preservation, and improves the quality of air.