The Community Development Department helps to ensure new construction and new businesses are in compliance with City zoning and development ordinances, and that land within Colleyville is platted in accordance with the ordinances. It is through this department that ordinances are updated periodically and assistance with zoning or other development questions is provided.

The Community Development Department online is designed to provide general information regarding procedures for zoning, platting and replatting property, along with information on associated fees. Regulations in the zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations, and other development-related ordinances may be discussed in detail during the development review process and must be satisfied before a plat, or zoning request may be approved.

Zoning regulates how land is used and protects the character of each district.  It protects property value and the overall quality of the community as a whole by controlling density of construction and intensity of land use, as well as through setting development standards such as landscaping, screening, building setbacks and height, parking requirements and lot coverage.

Platting is the way in which property is divided, through laying out on paper or mapping each piece of land. A recorded plat indicates lots, building lines, easements and rights-of-way, flood areas, boundary markers, and other permanent attachments to land.

The department is comprised of the following services; building inspections, permits, plan review, tree preservation, and planning and zoning, in an effort to foster and manage commercial and residential growth consistent with our city’s vision, resources, infrastructure, and services.