Citizen Survey

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2017 Survey Results

The results from the latest citizen survey show Colleyville residents are satisfied with the Colleyville way of life.

City staff presented survey results to City Council during an April 2017 worksession. The survey was available online to all residents in early 2017. The City received 907 responses, that’s about one in every 10 households.

Satisfaction across the board remains high in Colleyville. Ninety-seven percent of survey takers said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the current quality of life. Satisfaction was also high in terms of the city’s ability to maintain quality of life, welcome citizen involvement, manage city funds, encourage economic growth, and the value of service for taxes paid. The city’s core services also received high marks including fire protection, emergency medical services, police, library programs and materials.

Regarding economic development, 81% of responders said they can find what they need to buy in Colleyville. This same question was asked in 2014 and only 36% said they can find what they need in the city. Survey takers said the businesses and services needed in Colleyville most were more sit-down restaurants, medium-sized retail stores, indoor-entertainment venues, small retail stores, general services, and corporate office space.

"Overall, comparable to other cities that I work in, in terms of those thoughts and satisfaction, your satisfaction with quality of life is extremely high,” Andrea Thomas, consultant on the survey, told the City Council.

The Citizen Survey does more than provide the local government with feedback of its services. It also allows residents to voice opinions of what’s important to them.

The top three highest priorities for city investment according to residents are to improve infrastructure, resolve drainage, and more parks for general use.

More about survey responders
Most survey responders, 29%, were in the age range of 55-64. The next highest represented age ranges at 22% were those 45-54 and those 65-74.
Most responders, 35%, said they have lived in Colleyville for more than 20 years.
A majority of survey takers, 57%, said there are no children in the household.