Animal Ordinances

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The following are commonly referenced city ordinances related to pet ownership. To view more city ordinances related to animals, please see Chapter 14 of the Online Code of Ordinances. To report an animal complaint or an abuse/neglect case, call 817.743.4522. 

french bulldog

Barking and Nuisance Noise

No person should keep any animal, livestock, or fowl of any kind that makes or creates an unreasonable disturbance affecting the neighbors or occupants of nearby properties. Excessive and disruptive barking, howling, or other bothersome noises created by an animal is unlawful under city code.

Leash Law

It is required that any animal be kept indoors, in a fenced yard, or on a leash at all times. Pet owners should not allow an animal to run at large.  Animals at large may be detained by Animal Services and taken to the Keller Regional Animal Adoption Center.

Pet Licenses

Dogs and cats are required by ordinance to have and wear a city pet license. The pet licenses are only available at the Colleyville Police Department, 5201 Riverwalk Drive. You must bring a copy of the animal’s rabies vaccination for a license to be issued and the license must be renewed every year.

Pooper Scooper Law

Animal owners are responsible for the removal of all pet waste deposited by his/her animal on public and private property including walkways and trails. This also applies to the owner's property in terms of not allowing unsanitary conditions, such as to create an odor related nuisance. 

Rabies Vaccinations

The Colleyville Rabies ordinance applies to all dogs, cats, and other household pets four months of age or older. Within the city limits, pets shall be immunized against rabies and given a booster one year after the initial vaccination. Following the first two vaccinations, dogs, cats, and other household pets may be vaccinated at either one-year or three-year intervals, depending on the type of rabies vaccine used.