City Council Terms and Requirements

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City Council Terms

The Mayor and City Council shall be elected under the general provisions provided by Article IV of the City Charter for three year terms. The three year terms shall be staggered so that the Mayor and City Council Persons from Place 1 and 2 shall be elected year one, City Council Persons from Places 3 and 4 shall be elected year two, and City Council Persons Place 5 and 6 shall be elected year three. The Mayor and each of the City Council Persons, unless sooner removed under the provisions of this Charter or State law, shall hold office until his successor is elected and duly sworn.

Terms of office shall commence at the beginning of the first regular meeting of the City Council following the canvass of the election as provided by Article 4.

Requirements for City Council Candidacy

Each candidate for membership and each member of the City Council shall be and remain:

  • A resident of Colleyville and shall have been a resident for a period of not less than 12 months immediately preceding their election or a resident of any territory not formerly within the corporate limits of the City but which is annexed under the provisions of this Charter for 12 months preceding their election;
  • A qualified voter of the State of Texas and Colleyville;
  • Not financially delinquent to the City.

If any member of the City Council fails to maintain the foregoing qualifications, or shall fail to maintain the 75% attendance record for all regularly scheduled meetings, as specified in Section 3.09 hereof, during each elected year, or shall be convicted of a felony or offense involving moral turpitude, the City Council shall declare a vacancy in the office of that member of the City Council at its next regular meeting and shall fill the vacancy as set forth in the Charter.