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PSA: Dispose of wipes, fats, oils, and grease properly to maintain sewer system

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The City of Colleyville maintains an aggressive sanitary sewer cleaning program that helps keep the system running effectively, but the cleaning program is even more effective when coupled with community participation.

When citizens work collectively, the impact is significant. Actions as simple as not flushing disposable wipes and not putting fats, greases, and oils in the sewer system are a tremendous help in keeping a well running sewer system.

Incorrectly disposing of wipes, fats, greases, oils, and more in the sewer system creates problems for the city-owned collection system and the regional wastewater treatment plant. These bad habits result in the need for additional maintenance activities, treatment, and can lead to system failures, which can lead to regulatory fines.

Colleyville experienced an overflow, in December 2016, which resulted in remediation efforts at an estimated cost of $7,000 and $4,875 in administrative fines from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. All regulatory requirements were met in response to this event, but it was costly. Officials determined the blockage was caused by foreign material -- wipes, napkins, and miscellaneous non-flushable products -- in the sewer system. Many manufacturers claim their products are safe to flush, but once they enter the public sewer system, they can cause blockages and can damage expensive mechanical equipment.

The city requests citizens remain cognizant of what they flush and put down the drain to reduce the potential for future sewer system blockages.

Below is a video that provides helpful information and demonstrates the importance of only introducing proper material into the sewer system.

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