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City Councilís goals, actions take shape with Strategic Plan

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The Colleyville City Council and city staff’s efforts will now be conducted under an updated Strategic Plan, which captures the City’s long-range vision and mission.

City Council adopted the update at its March 7 meeting. The plan highlights the City’s vision, mission, values, challenges, goals, and strategies.

The plan was developed from a Visioning Workshop between City Council, city staff, and a third-party facilitator in January. In the meeting, participants engaged in activities to promote long-range thinking, establish a consensus vision and mission for the City, and to identify specific actions to effectively implement the City Council’s direction.

The plan serves as a framework for city initiatives, which will aim to achieve the city’s vision, mission, and goals. The Strategic Plan was first adopted in 2009 and led to the creation of the Citizen Survey, quarterly performance reports to City Council, long-range forecasting, and aligning the budget with the Strategic Plan.

The updated plan features a new vision for the City of Colleyville: A tranquil urban oasis characterized by its upscale neighborhoods, family-friendly atmosphere and unmatched community spirit.

A new mission was also born from the Visioning Workshop discussion: Colleyville is a model neighborhood-focused city, sensitive to our history, stewards of our resources and dedicated to our residents. We are committed to providing continuously improving, citizen-valued services to assure their enjoyment of our small town quality of life with pride, honor and dignity.

The City’s values have also been updated into four key terms: Integrity, Communication, Excellence, and Transparency.

The City’s goals were concentrated into six concepts: Operate Transparently, Deliver High Quality Core Services, Assure Adequate Infrastructure, Enable Responsible Development, Safeguard Colleyville’s Identity, and Govern Effectively. Each goal has several strategic points. City initiatives and operations will serve to achieve those goals through the outlined strategies.

Mayor Richard Newton said the plan will be reviewed and possibly revised on an annual basis.

A summary of the workshop and results is available online.

View the Strategic Plan

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