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Atlas Resource (formerly Titan Operating, LLC) Drill Site - 7504 Pleasant Run Road

Contact Information

Questions regarding drilling and operation of gas wells may be directed to the Community Development Department at 817.503.1052, or by email to


Drill Site Timeline

March 2011 - Drilling of first well(s) commenced

August 2011 - First phase of drilling completed


Titan Drilling Application

Request for a Special Use Permit for a gas well site on 13.24 acres on Lot 1, Block1, of the Park
Place Estates Addition and Tract 1D, Abstract 295 in the W.E. Crooks Survey located at 7404 and 7504 Pleasant Run Road, Case ZC10-022 

Titan Operating LLC Application -
Briefing Nov. 3, 2010

Titan Presentation - Drill Site

Titan Presentation - Groundwater

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Report

Webcast of Nov. 3 Council Meeting 

Titan Operating LLC Application -
Briefing Nov. 16, 2010



Related Information 

Titan Special Use Permit 
Road Remediation and Repair
Seismic Survey Map
Total Seismic Survey Packet
Material Safety Data Sheets 
  w/Hydraulic Fracturing and Fluid Breakdowns
Preliminary Regional Pipeline Route

Tree Preservation Plan
Well Bore Drilling Routes/Lateral Maps
OSHA-Gas Well Drilling


Update:  July 22
Stage 5 fracking activities are complete. Stage 6 fracking activities are scheduled to begin in mid-September.

Update: June 27, 2014
Stage five perforation activities on will begin on Monday, June 30, 2014.  Perforating equipment includes two (2) frac tanks, two (2) pump trucks, one (1) perforating truck, and one (1) crane truck.  These trucks will begin arriving at the site as early as Friday, June 27th

Perforation activities will last for four days with no additional truck traffic accessing the site during this period.  The trucks will then leave the site in the same manner they arrived.

The following is the perforation schedule:

Trinity J Unit 1H                 June 30th

Trinity F Unit 1H                June 30th

Trinity I Unit 1H                 July 1st

Trinity A Unit 1H               July 1st

Trinity B Unit 1H                July 2nd

Trinity D Unit 1H               July 2nd

Trinity E Unit 1H                July 3rd

Perforation is a pre-fracking activity that involves running perforating guns, a string of shaped charges, down to the desired depth and firing them to perforate the well casing;

  • Water usage will be minimal and will come from the on-site frack pond which is supplied by a private water well;
  • Perforation activities are limited to daytime hours (7:00 am to 7:00 pm) only;
  • No air quality or noise issues are anticipated with perforation, however these items will be constantly monitored.  Sound walls will not be installed during perforating activities;
  • All incidents and violations will be recorded and reported.

Previous updates


General Administrative Permits

Grading and Hydrology Permits



Inspection Summary Reports

Inspection Reports - Phase One Drilling
View all inspection reports

Inspection Reports - Phase One Fracking
View all inspection reports

Inspection Reports - Phase Two Fracking
View all inspection reports

Noise Mitigation Plan - Final

Baseline Air Quality Assessment - February 2011

Final Air Quality Analysis Summary - Phase One Hydraulic Fracturing and Flowback Operations

Final Air Quality Analysis Summary - Phase Two Hydraulic Fracturing

Colleyville Water Baseline Report - 2012

Baseline Water Quality Assessment - March 2011










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