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TxDOT SH 26 Reconstruction Project

TxDOT SH 26 Reconstruction Project Update - August 26, 2016

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) provided a SH26 project update for August 2016 and reported that utility companies continue to make progress moving utilities. Relocation of the utilities should be completed this fall, with construction starting soon after.

While the project had the potential to begin as early as summer, work to expand the roadway to six lanes is not slated to begin until utility relocation is complete. Companies have brought in additional crews to expedite the completion of this process.

Supporting the community throughout the project’s duration remains one of Colleyville City Council’s top priorities. City staff meets regularly with project stakeholders including local businesses, TxDOT, and the project contractor Jagoe-Public. The city was responsible for managing the relocation of water and wastewater utilities along the corridor. Work to complete this portion of the utility relocation was completed in the fall of 2015.



TxDOT SH 26 Reconstruction Project Update - April 19, 2016

City staff presented an update on TxDOT’s SH 26 project at the April 19 City Council meeting. The presentation gave an overview of the project's current state, the city’s initiatives to communicate and keep the community updated, and what is next for the project.

The bid for the project occurred on Feb. 10, 2016, with the low bid at a total of $38,223,663. James Hubbard, the State Highway 26 Project Coordinator, touched on the on-going communication efforts with residences, businesses, property owners, HOAs, the school district, and various clubs and organizations. He also showcased the now available text and email alerts.

The next steps for this project include the consideration of two Advance Funding Agreements presented at a future City Council meeting. 

A recording of the presentation to City Council is available here; the item is listed as PC-2.


TxDOT SH Reconstruction Project Update - Feb. 5, 2016

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has signed off on the completion of Phase I construction from the northern city limits to John McCain Road and is nearing the start of the next phase.

Phase II will be the largest road project in Colleyville history and includes a new six-lane roadway with a center turn lane and raised medians, and drainage system improvements along the city’s main commercial corridor. It features approximately 23 lane miles of new roadway, approximately 4.8 miles of 8-foot-wide sidewalks, eight signalized intersections, and a bridge over Little Bear Creek. TxDOT estimates the project cost at approximately $33.5 million.

TxDOT has advertised the project and a bid opening has been set for Feb. 10. Unlike Phase I, the city was able to work with TxDOT to have incentives and liquidated damages terms added to the Phase II contract. These terms are tied to four milestones spread throughout the project’s duration, allowing for four separate opportunities for TxDOT to assess the contractor, which is intended to keep the contractor on schedule.

The construction plan includes a traffic control plan to guide work that has the least impact on drivers. The traffic plan’s main goal is to maintain four lanes of traffic, with the exception of temporary lane closures. Single-lane closures will be limited to off-peak hours, which means no single-lane closures from 6:00-9:00 a.m. and 3:00-7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Work that requires multiple lane closures in the same direction will be limited from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. or weekends.

Webcast [PC-3]


TxDOT SH Reconstruction Project Update - Jan. 13, 2016


TxDOT has completed the SH 26 Phase I reconstruction from Brumlow Avenue/Pool Road to John McCain Road is now complete. The speed limit will remain at 35 miles-per-hour at this portion of the roadway until a final inspection, according to TxDOT’s mobility coordinator. If there are no issues the work zone signs should be removed in a few weeks.


Phase I of the state project widened the roadway to three lanes in each direction with raised curb medians and left turn lanes.


The SH 26 Phase II reconstruction project from John McCain Road to Brown Trail is planned to begin in Spring 2016. The 4-mile TxDOT project will widening the roadway to three lanes in each direction and includes raised curb medians.

TxDOT SH Reconstruction Project Update – May 12, 2015
· TxDOT projects substantial completion of Phase I (currently under construction) in late June, meaning that all travel lanes will be completed and functioning in their final configuration.

· The design consultant is preparing plans for the six-lane configuration of SH 26 Phase II, from John McCain Road to Brown Trail. Those are expected to go to TxDOT for review by mid-summer. If all goes well with the TxDOT review, they could award a construction contract by December and start construction of this section in April or May of next year.

Briefing   Webcast [PC-1]


March 17, 2015
Approval of a contract with Teague, Nall & Perkins for a six-lane design for SH 26 
Briefing     Webcast [Item 4d] 


The Colleyville City Council has made it official. SH 26/Colleyville Boulevard will be reconstructed as a six-lane roadway. The project’s scope allows for reconstruction from south of John McCain Road (where Phase I construction ends) to Brown Trail, and includes realigning Tinker Road and Oak Pointe Drive into a single signalized intersection. Road construction could start in late 2015 or early 2016.   

The final decision to add two additional lanes to the planned four-lane project in a single phase was made possible by an agreement between the city of Colleyville, the North Central Texas Council of Government’s (NCTCOG) Regional Transportation Council, and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Almost $4 million dollars in additional funding to construct those lanes will be provided by the NCTCOG. The city will provide an additional $1 million and Tarrant County officials have agreed to pay the remaining $1 million. Costs associated with redesigning the road from a four-lane to a six-lane configuration will be absorbed by the city.    

Funding for the city’s costs will come from the TIF (Tax Increment Finance district). TIF districts are designed as financing vehicles for cities and TIF partners to pay for roads and other infrastructure. The original Colleyville TIF, one of the largest and most successful in the state, encompasses much of Colleyville Boulevard and is primarily derived from the incremental property tax on commercial properties along that corridor.   

Phasing of the project, which means determining the order of construction, is not anticipated to be done until sometime this summer. This is a TxDOT project, so the agency is responsible for determining the project’s phasing.   

The City Council also approved TxDOT’s turn-back funding option, called turn-back because it “turns back control of the road to the city.” Once reconstruction is completed, TxDOT will take SH 26 “off line” and the city will assume control of this section of the road, including decisions about speed limits, traffic lights, and street lighting.    

The turn-back funding option allows reconstruction of SH 26 through most of Colleyville. Any reconstruction south of Brown Trail would necessitate coordination and shared funding responsibilities with Hurst, since the road traverses between the two cities.  

Citing safety concerns, TxDOT requires that center medians will be constructed as part of the project. According to TxDOT, all new projects with 20,000 or more vehicles per day require medians and note that medians improve safety and reduce overall crashes, including head-on collisions, by at least 40%. Any median landscaping will be done with drought resistant plants, using only drip irrigation as required by TxDOT. View the Colleyville Landscape Branding Manual 

The SH 26/Colleyville Boulevard project has been on the NCTCOG’s Transportation Improvement Plan for more than a decade. While it began as a six-lane project back in 1999, lack of funds at the state and federal levels, coupled with lower than anticipated traffic counts, brought about the decision to change to a four-lane configuration in 2013. However, concerns about mounting traffic congestion and inconvenience to both residents and businesses if a second phase of construction were ever warranted, led to city leaders and staff working with state, county, and regional agencies on an agreement to allow six lanes of construction in a single phase.   

Feb. 17, 2015
Approval of funding proposal for SH 26 
Briefing     Webcast [Item 7e]


Dec. 16, 2014

At the Dec. 16, 2014 City Council meeting, the City Council passed a resolution seeking an agreement with TxDOT to build the roadway to six lanes from John McCain Road to Brown Trail, preferably in the initial reconstruction. The resolution further requests that COG agree to allocate the extra funding necessary for the two additional lanes, currently estimated at $5 million. That resolution is now with COG for review. 

The Council also voted to accept TxDOT’s turn-back funding option, called turn-back because it “turns back control of the road to the city.” Under this option, TxDOT incurs all costs for reconstruction from our northern city limit to Brown Trail. This includes Phase III, between John McCain and Hall-Johnson roads. 


Nov. 19, 2014   

The city held a public forum on TxDOT’s SH 26 Reconstruction Project on Nov. 12.  More than 100 residents and Colleyville business owners attended the meeting to learn about the project and to provide comments and feedback. The project is part of the pre-council agenda for the City Council meeting scheduled on Dec. 2.  (Agendas, meetings, and packets for City Council meetings, and all public meetings held by the city, are available online here.) 

The full formal presentation can be viewed here.   

View video of the meeting, including the presentation and the Q&A session.   

Please send any comments to  All comments are provided to the Colleyville City Council. 

The city provides regular updates on city projects, including SH 26. To register, visit the Colleyville E-News registration page. 



Update Oct. 30, 2014
The City Council held a worksession on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014 to review plans and discuss options for the TxDOT SH 26 Reconstruction Project.

Speakers included Bob Lowry, P.E., director of Public Works for the City; Brian Barth, P.E., Fort Worth District engineer for TxDOT; and Michael Morris, P.E., director of transportation, North Central Texas Council of Governments. The Council heard information on the history of the project, an update on Phases I & II, a traffic data analysis, and options for funding for Phase III of the project (John McCain to Hall-Johnson). Approximately 15 citizens attended the worksession.

For those who were unable to attend, you can find the agenda packet and view the meeting in its entirety here:

Download the agenda packet here

Watch the City Council Worksession here

The city provides regular updates on city projects, including TxDOT's SH 26/Colleyville Blvd. Project. Register for Colleyville E-News here.



City of Colleyville TX
TxDOT SH 26/Colleyville Boulevard Reconstruction Project

The City of Colleyville will hold two important meetings regarding the TxDOT SH 26 Reconstruction Project in the coming weeks. This is an important project for our citizens and our community and we encourage your attendance and involvement.

Notice of City Council Worksession
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
6:30 p.m.
City Hall - 100 Main St.

The public is welcome to attend the worksession to hear City Council discussions on the project; however, public comments are not taken during worksessions, per standard City protocol.

If you have comments or questions about the project that you want provided to the City Council prior to the worksession, please send an email to by noon on Monday, October 27, 2014. All comments received by that time will be shared with the City Council prior to the worksession.


Notice of Public Forum
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
6:30 – 7:00 p.m.:  Presentation on SH 26 Project
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.:  Discussion stations open to the public
First Baptist Colleyville - Worship Center
5300 Colleyville Blvd.

The public forum is an opportunity for citizens and businesses to get accurate information on the project, have questions answered, and talk with members of TxDOT and staff. 


About the TxDOT SH 26 Reconstruction Project

The TxDOT SH 26/Colleyville Blvd. Reconstruction Project has been a part of the Colleyville  landscape for many years and there is a great deal of history associated with it.

A project overview can be found below, which outlines the 3 phases of  construction, along with contact information so that you can send your thoughts and questions at any time. Your involvement in the discussion surrounding this project is very important to us.

Please submit any questions about the TxDOT SH 26 Reconstruction Project to

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Construction was completed in summer 2013 on the SH 26 project from SH 114 to Brumlow Avenue/Pool Road that rebuilt the road from two lanes in each direction with a continuous left turn lane to three lanes in each direction with raised curb medians and left turn bays for $12 million.

The following three phases remain to complete the project:

Phase I
Phase I refers to the section of SH 26 from Pool/Brumlow to John McCain Road. To date, the following work has been completed on Phase I:

  • The northbound lanes of SH 26 have now been completed.

  • TxDOT is now in the process of installing underground storm drain pipe.

  • The bridge at John McCain and SH 26 is under construction.

  • The intersection at John McCain is a priority area within Phase 1 of the project.

  • This phase is estimated for completion in summer 2015.

SH26 Phase 1 map


Phase II
Phase II refers to the section of SH 26 from Brown Trail to Hall-Johnson Road.

  • Before a project can be bid on, TxDOT must “let” it, or make it available for bidding. The letting and bidding process with TxDOT allows the agency to get the most competitive pricing on a project and allows multiple businesses to compete for business with TxDOT. 

  • Phase II is scheduled to be “let” in December 2014, but that date is subject to change.

  • Once the contractor has been selected, construction may begin in early 2015.

  • Many factors affect construction schedules, including utility delays, weather, and other factors.

  • This phase of road construction is fully funded through federal and state funds. Enhancements such as trails, landscaping, and sidewalks are being funded locally and through grants.

SH26 Phase 2 map


Phase III
Phase III refers to the section of SH 26 from Hall-Johnson Road to John McCain Road.

  • TxDOT has acquired 100% of the necessary right-of-way for the this corridor.

  • No formal funding has been finalized for this phase. Funding options are being reviewed and discussed.

  • Utility relocation is well underway, including work on electric, gas, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, and city water and sewer lines.

  • Target date for completion of utility relocation for Phase III is late 2014/early 2015.

SH26 Phase 3 map


About Raised Curb Medians

  • TxDOT requires medians to be included in all projects of this nature.

  • TxDOT's raised curbed medians do not include landscaping or irrigation.

  • The City of Colleyville has successfully obtained Green Ribbon Grants to cover the cost of landscape installation for Phases I & II. Grant applications will also be applied for to fund Phase III and other needs.

  • Raised curb medians constructed in continuous left-turn lanes provide a much safer roadway facility. 

  • Studies have shown that crash rates are reduced by approximately 40% after the raised medians are constructed. In addition, studies conducted in Texas and throughout the nation indicate that raised medians resulted in little or no change in pass-by traffic after median installation according to a Texas Transportation Institute study.

  • The erratic movements with continuous left-turn lanes will only rise with increased traffic. If a raised median is present at all times, it directs left turning traffic into safer patterns.

  • With raised curb medians, drivers will still be able to make U-turns to get to businesses on the opposite side of where they are driving.  Making U-turns are safer than other movements because median openings will allow motorists to predict when and where oncoming traffic will turn, and so it will make it easier for oncoming motorists to anticipate traffic movements and avoid collisions.  In other words, the median will reduce random and unpredictable traffic behavior that causes collisions.

  • Raised curb medians have been implemented on similar corridors in Tarrant County, and all have successfully reduced crashes.  FM 157/Cooper Street in Arlington (two projects), FM 1709 in Southlake/Keller and most recently SH 174 in Burleson this year. Within months of the completion of the medians, crash data on the SH 174 corridor shows approx. a 40% reduction, and the severity of those crashes has reduced by approx. 60%.

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