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Colleyville Boulevard reconstruction

Colleyville Boulevard/SH 26 Utility Relocations

Utility Relocations

In anticipation of the next phase of road improvements, Saber Development Corporation will begin Phase III of the Colleyville Boulevard Water and Sanitary Sewer Relocation Project in early June, 2014, which extends from Felps Drive to Hall-Johnson Road. 

Since utility relocation does not involve the actual roadway, the impact to traffic on Colleyville Boulevard should be minimal. Temporary closure of some driveways to businesses for short durations is anticipated, and the city will work with affected businesses for alternate access during these times.

The city will communicate with local businesses throughout the project. Web and email updates on the project will be provided as the project moves forward.

Current Activity & Updates

Throughout the relocation process, information will be provided as to the location and timeline of that activity. Please note that that the specific timeline at any given location may change due to weather delays and/or changes in the availability of additional crews by the contracted construction company. (In instances where the contractor can put additional crews on this project, construction may reach an area sooner than anticipated. This will serve to speed the construction time.)

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Note: There are no city utilities being relocated between Hall-Johnson and Church Street. The development along this portion of the road is fairly new, so the utilities along this stretch were set back far enough from Colleyville Boulevard so that relocation is not necessary.

What does this project involve?

In anticipation of Phase II of the Colleyville Boulevard reconstruction project, the city of Colleyville will begin relocating water and sanitary sewer lines along Colleyville Boulevard.  This work will be accomplished primarily in the rights-of-way adjacent to the roadway. Crews will bore horizontally along the roadway to provide a new location for the water and sewer lines.

Franchise utilities, such as Atmos Energy (gas lines) and ONCOR (overhead power lines) will also relocate their respective utilities.  ONCOR has already begun installation of new utility poles, which are located along the back of the new right of way line. The franchised utilities schedule and conduct their own relocation work. While the city does not dictate the schedule for those franchise relocations, we will keep citizens and affected businesses informed when that happens.

Who will be affected?

As utility relocation is conducted in the right of way along the side of the roadway, disruption to traffic will be minimal. There will be an impact to businesses along Colleyville Boulevard when relocation activity is close by; however, the city will work with affected businesses to minimize the impact and, in cases where the existing drive into that businesses is disrupted, alternate access will be provided. 


Dale Crown, P.E.
Project Engineer


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